John C. Nordt introduces Nordt Express next-day delivery

John C. Nordt, a leading manufacturer and supplier of precious metal products to the jewelry industry, has launched Nordt Express, a program that allows a selected line of custom crafted blanks and finished bands to be delivered to a customer’s facility or store the next day. Bands or blanks ordered through the Nordt Express program by 2 pm EST will be shipped the same business day.

“We understand the challenges of retailers today and the necessity of just-in-time delivery to meet consumer demands,” said Rob Nordt, President of John C. Nordt. “While we have always prided ourselves on customer service, in the past it has been difficult to balance custom craftsmanship with next day service. We have invested in many improvements in process which now allows us to provide exceptional quality without compromising speed of delivery.”

The Nordt Express product offering delivers finished or unfinished blanks and finished bands to customer specifications including the most popular precious metals and ring dimensions.

To promote the service, Nordt is working with the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Inc.  Ads and promotions feature the 611 Steam Engine, which is the most powerful locomotive of her kind ever made. Efforts are underway to restore the engine.

“We are proud to be a Virginia-based manufacturing company and we thought this would be an ideal way to tie our speed of service with an icon of the Old Dominion,” said Rob. “We are happy to help raise awareness of this engineering marvel while promoting our exciting new service.”