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Responsible Metals: Overview

John C. Nordt Co. is committed to using only gold that is sourced responsibly.

This means that when you buy a John C. Nordt product, you can feel confident that the gold we use is not mined at the expense of human rights, quality labor conditions or environmental preservation. We stand behind the most stringent global standards for ethical and legal practices, including those set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). As part of our commitment, all of our gold is sourced from North America in an effort to minimize social and environmental risks that can be associated with an overseas supply chain from unknown sources. 

We hold ourselves to the highest level of standards. The gold that enters our facility is purchased only through suppliers and refiners who are members of the LBMA, who are required to follow the LBMA “Responsible Gold Guidance” doctrine. To take it a step further, we mix all of our metals and cast all of our billets for extrusion inside our factory – nothing is mixed or cast outside. Additionally, we recycle all production scrap and have established stringent cleanup regulations.

We do all of this because we believe in sustainable and ethical practices to ensure a viable future for precious metal consumption.