Videos: Schematic Simulation

The video on this page shows a schematic simulation of the hot extrusion process. The process includes the following steps:

  1. The ram and container are raised to allow access to the die holder.
  2. The die is installed in place.
  3. The container is now lowered to mate with the die.
  4. The ram is retracted to allow the hot billet to be inserted.
  5. The hot billet is removed from the furnace and lowered into the container.
  6. The ram is again centered and lowered into the container.
  7. The extrusion process begins when the ram contacts the billet and begins to force the hot metal through the die, forming a tube.
  8. When the ram reaches the bottom of the stroke, the tube is ejected and the ram retracts.
  9. The container is raised once again and the die is removed, along with the “butt”.
  10. The “butt” is returned for recycling and the press is ready for another extrusion.