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FusionForged®: Overview

For the past 140 years, John C. Nordt Company has been a leader in advancing the technology of precious jewelry manufacturing. A major aspect of this technology is the science of forming metals into useful shapes which are both accurate and free from any type of defect or porosity.

FusionForged® is the trademark given to describe Nordt’s exclusive process for manufacturing seamless tubing and rod by simultaneously employing (1) high temperature, (2) extreme pressure and (3) high-shear plastic flow. The process first incorporates induction melting and precision machining to manufacture “billets,” which are then hot-extruded into tube or rod at pressures as high as 500,000 psi using a specially instrumented hydraulic press. Metals manufactured with the FusionForged® process are inherently fine-grained and consistent, with uniform temper and complete freedom from internal or external flaws.